Tek & Steele – Smif ‘n Wessun: Reloaded, CD


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“Bucktown Home of the original Gunn Clappaz” and home of Tek and Steele also known as the Cocoa Brovaz but best known as the classic and respected dynamic hip hop group Smif N Wessun, who forever changed the name of Brooklyn NY to Bucktown USA! After releasing 2 critically acclaimed albums -1995- Da Shinin and -1998- Rude Awakening, Smif N Wessun signed to the underground upstart Rawkus Records in 2000 where the group recorded and contributed on such albums as Lyricist Lounge Volume, Sound Bombings II, and with Talib Kweli on his 2002 quality release. While the group’s Rawkus album was never released due to the label folding, Smif N Wessun continued to build their legacy by releasing the “Super Brooklyn” 12″ -vinyl only single 2002- which sold an impressive 30,000 units. Tek N Steele also contributed work on Tupac’s “Better Days” album -“Military Minds” 2003- and continued their tour of duty as leaders and key MC components to the Mighty Boot Camp Clik. After teaming up with one of the west coast’s finest, DJ Revolution, for the group’s -Internet only- mixtape “Still Shinin” -2004- the group is continuing their successful careers with the release of their 3rd official and highly anticipated album “Smif N Wessun: Reloaded”.

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