Society of Invisibles S/T 2xLP Vinyl


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The debut album from the Southwest collective featuring: Facecrushers, Inc, Darkwater, Terminator Tragic, Sneaky Pete, Rok and the in-house production team The Dead Beats. You may have seen them out on the road with Jedi Mind Tricks, Non-Phixion & Wu-tang Clan. Track Listing: Side A 1 Intro 2 Dial M For Murder 3 Watching You Side B 4 Caleb Winner 5 Down 6 Dead Beat I 7 Berzerk 8 Nothing Worse Side C 9 Roknowledge 10 Robbery 11 Hack Pack 12 Dead Beat 2 13 Goose Bumps Side D 14 Carpe Diem 15 Hardcore 16 Tech Connect 17 Outro Bonus Track: On My Way

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