Rasco – The Birth, CD


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1999 Rasco re-release of “The Birth”. When it was released in 1999, this masterpiece was only available as an EP. Now as a re-release it is available as an LP featuring 3 brand new songs. Look for tracks from His-Panik (Molemen) Protest, Richness, Philthy, Memo (Molemen) as well as features from Planet Asia, Flii Styles, and Shake The Mayor.


01 Intro
02 Back On The Scene
03 Due’s & Don’ts
04 Blood Brothers feat. Plant Asia
05 Return of the M.C.
06 Sophisticated Mic Pro’s
07 Final Destination feat. Planet Asia & Flii
08 Authenticity *Bonus Track
09 What’s That *Bonus Track
10 Against Odds *Bonus Track
11 Outro

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