Bump Records – True 2 Life: The Best of Bay Area Youth Hip Hop, Mix CD


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BUMP Records is an Oakland-based music production education program and youth-run record label. In partnership with Youth Movement Records, Youth Speaks, and Real HARD, BUMP Records presents “True 2 Life,” a first of its kind compilation CD of songs and spoken word pieces produced exclusively by teenage emcees, poets, musicians and producers in the Bay Area. The mixtape consists of tracks produced by each youth hip hop organization, as well as four collaborative tracks recorded exclusively for the mixtape.

Track Listing:

01 Intro feat. MC DoDat (The Attik)
02 What it Do – Mixtape Exclusive
03 True 2 Life – BUMP
04 The Bay – YMR
05 Kevin Epps Interlude
06 Visionary Minds – R.E.A.L. H.A.R.D
07 Revolution – BUMP
08 Mi Barrio – Mixtape Exclusive
09 Lauren Wingate Interlude
10 Slow Down – Mixtape Exclusive
11 Help Me Please – BUMP
12 Ellen Hamilton Interlude
13 Set Up – R.E.A.L H.A.R.D.
14 Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Big Dan
15 Ise Lyfe Interlude
16 Long Time – YMR
17 Poetry Party – Youth Speaks
18 Don’t Mess With Me – Mixtape Exclusive

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